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About Us


Our mission statement is simple and says it all…

“A group of like minded enthusiasts committed to friendship, kindness, respect and camaraderie promoting the Harley Davidson passion for riding and having fun"
We are based in Chilliwack but our membership ranges from South Surrey all the way to Hope.
If you share the passion for travelling on two (or three) wheeled Harley-Davidson's, you'll fit right in.

During the riding season (Mid-April to Mid-October), we have many organized rides:

  • Day trips

  • Weekend trips

  • Longer adventures to attend Rallies or special events

Every Tuesday we get together at our sponsoring dealership Mountainview Harley-Davidson for an evening ride ending at a mutually agreed location for coffee, ice cream or dinner. 

During the off-season, we skip the ride and meet for dinner or a social event. This is a great opportunity to come out and introduce yourself to the group so we can get to know one another.  

Hope we see you out there!

Motorcycle Club
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